i-firewall: Internet Security, Content Filter, VPN, IDS, Mail-Filtering

Firewall Security Ultrasecure-it

    Product Description

    - Fully hardened, packet-filtering firewall
    - Runs on the exclusive i-Firewall O/S
    - Ideal for the SME office and also SOHO installs
    - Web content-filtering
    - Effective Intrusion detection and auto-blocking
    - Multiple IPSec and SSL-type VPN tunnels without cost or per-seat license restrictions
    - Encryption: IPSec=2192 bit IKE, SSL-type=2048 bit RSA
    - Comprehensive firewall blocking, not just relying on network address translation (NAT)
    - Evercookie, Zeus, Conficker and (D)D-o-S protection as standard.
    - In-built ADSL modem (MaxDSL) capable
    - Size (WxLxH) 6x6x1 inch.
    - Low power use and supports Power-over-ethernet
    - Solid State, silent, no moving parts
    - 85mbps throughput
    - Dual USB, 3 network ports and 1 serial
    - Built-in Traffic/Bandwidth Shaping


    Pre-configured for standard networking with full firewall protection, DHCP and easy to configure user interface.
    Run the Easy Setup for internet connection, answer some questions and networking is configured.

    Included is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) feature to allow remote users secure network access to continue to work, read e-mails, etc. For businesses with more than one office, the low cost of this unit allows you to have one in each office and connect office-to-office VPNs. The SSL-type VPN has a free-to-use, easy to install Windows client.

    Professional Certified Information Security Awareness and Internet Security qualified support and management solutions also available

    Included at no extra cost is a Bandwidth Shaping Utility. Options for mail-filtering and auto-updating http blacklistings

    WiFi Hotspot Model

    Run your own secure WiFi Hotspot, separate from your core network. Much better and more professional than an open WiFi network.

    As used by and supplied to Wifi-NetUK

    Low, Low Purchase Price & Massive Range of Options Available

    UK Computer Repair Services

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Accredited Information Security Awareness and Internet Security services include:
- Internetworking and best use consultancy
- Security policies for both on and off site computers
- Managed firewall and Intrusion Detection services
- Computer servers and security penetration testing
- Website/webserver integrity checking

Managed Firewall Services

The best way to secure and protect your computer systems, networks, information and data is by using a Managed Firewall service. Ensure against unauthorised access, denial-of-service attacks and other internet threats.
Using Ultrasecure-it Managed Firewall services will reduce your business risks and the danger from your 'always-on' online presence by constantly keeping your internet guard up.
As part of the managed solution your firewall will be supplied pre-configured to your exact requirements.


- Includes firewall management solution
- Customised service options
- Reduced burden on your own IT staff
- IT security Best practices
- High encryption VPN tunnels
- Real-time IDS alerts and auto-blocking
- Reduced on-line visibility to others
- Increased web content filtering


- Monitored and maintained by accredited security specialists
- Pre-configured for easy install or installed on-site by provider
- Secure VPN connectivity
- Web use and firewall activity web pages directly from firewall
- Daily Intrusion Detection System and blocked intruder statistics
- Alerts on internal users' (attempts) to access malware-listed websites
- Web content filters
- Special malware content filter for blocking sites listed in Far East, east Europe and the US.

Online Risk Reduction

Any computer connected to the internet runs the risk of intrusion, infection and data theft from hackers and malware from unseen 'drive-by-downloads'. Managed Firewall services provide secure barriers between your systems and the external internet. Even using secure HTTP (https) websites with SSL/TLS certificates only provides you with security based completely on the 'TRUST' method; your browser trusts the SSL certificate or the Certificate Issuer. As demonstrated as recently as Autumn/Winter 2011 with the Certificate Issuer DigiNoTar, this method is very flawed and offers no real protection. Your computer's internet browser 'Trusts' over 600 or so of these issuers by default.
Ultrasecure-it Managed Firewalls trust no one and allow no access unless correctly authenticated. You can be completely assured that the only users' accessing your systems through our firewalls are those that have been explicitly allowed.

24 hours per day, 365 days per year ... for over 13 years.

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Hardware Firewall Security Solutions

i-firewall short-term leasing prices

A minimum contract length period of just one (1) calendar month
All figures are in UK Sterling pounds and are plus VAT at current rate.

Rackmount unit, per month, with only the first month as a minimum

An i-firewall rackmount Firewall/VPN unit costs:
- £85.00 per month hardware rental
- £150.00 configuration and remote installation.
- If on-site installation is required: £350.00.

Non-Rackmount unit, per month, with only the first month as a minimum

An i-firewall small, non-rackmount Firewall/VPN unit costs:
- £60.00 per month hardware rental
- £150.00 configuration and remote installation.
- If on-site installation is required: £275.00.

Benefits in choosing i-Firewall hardware firewall/VPN units from Ultrasecure-it:

- IPSec and SSL VPN capabilities
- Zero licenses or costs to add more users or VPN tunnels
- Web-content filters, blacklists and whitelists
- Enhanced Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) alerts for viral/malware listed websites attempted downloads
- Evercookie, Zeus, Conficker, etc protection and alerts
- IDS protection for attempted break-ins, botnets, unauthorised file sharing/leaks
- Portscanner Protection and Alerts
- Confidence that your security solution will keep you safe

Each partial month after initial month counts as a full month for billing. We maintain Retention of Legal Title at all times. Terms and conditions available on request.

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GUI Screenshots

i-firewall uses a very minimal webmin-based gui for easy configuration.
This provides for a simple front-end control system with custom modules to setup, add and view the firewall settings.

The i-firewall has a default setting that uses the network for its local area network (LAN), with assigned to itself. It runs a dhcp service so all you have to do is plug the i-firewall into the network and set your pc to automatically pick up a network address. Then point your browser to and login.

The alternative is to use the console port on the firewall and plug your pc directly into this using a null modem cable. Then you can use the command line on hyperterminal or minicom.

Click on image to enlarge.

Very simple-looking configuration page is displayed on login. All sections are displayed on the one page making it easy to select and click on the right one.

Access on-the-fly, realtime webstats of users web (http) usage. Shows the most current 500 requests. Includes your content filtering such as requests denied and allowed.

The confusion-free method for creating the SSL-type VPN configurations. Each click will automatically create the next 'tunnel' after the previous one. All keys and settings are automated for 31 tunnels. This availability is default on the firewall. Simple options for listing and config viewing.

Easy select-and-click backup and restore tool that allows the user to back the firewall's base configuration up to a USB pen. Restoring a base configuration is just as simple, using USB. A page showing the completion of the operation, similar to this, is displayed on the screen.

Very intuitive firewall settings, displayed in an easy to read, easy to change interface. Adding new or editing rules shows all the options for putting in Syn flood control, packet inspection, burst rates in addition to accept, drop and rejections.

Simplified bandwidth and traffic shaping interface. Use drop-down menus to select network interfaces and traffic by service type. Options to view, apply and delete configurations.

Managed and monitored service-level firewalls also include a special content filter for blocking sites listed in Far East, east Europe and the US that are particularly bad for malware infection. These automatically update during the day, everyday.

A point-and-click page to display Whitelists, Blacklists and the Intrusion and Detection system configurations. Easy methods for adding to these configurations and to set or change where real-time alerts are sent from the firewall.

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    WiFi Hotspot Model

    Specifications as per standard firewall model.
    Now available to everybody to run their own Hotspot.
    Technically more robust and secure than other Hotspot products, this model not only separates WiFi clients from the wired network, but also isolates them from each other. So everyone is safe from peer-to-peer snooping and malware spread by interconnectivity.
    Easy to configure and run by simple point-and-click GUI interface.
    Use with your own RADIUS server, or use Wifi-NetUK who use this device as standard.
    The ideal device for holiday parks, hotels, cafes, public access areas and general recreation zones.

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