Online Risk Reduction

Minimise your Vulnerabilities to the internet

24 hours per day, 365 days per year, for over 13 years

Any computer connected to the internet runs the risk of intrusion, infection and data theft from hackers and malware from unseen 'drive-by-downloads'. Managed Firewall services provide secure barriers between your systems and the external internet. Even using secure HTTP (https) websites with SSL/TLS certificates only provides you with security based completely on the 'TRUST' method; your browser trusts the SSL certificate or the Certificate Issuer. As demonstrated as recently as Autumn/Winter 2011 with the Certificate Issuer DigiNoTar, this method is very flawed and offers no real protection. Your computer's internet browser 'Trusts' over 600 or so of these issuers by default.

Ultrasecure-IT firewalls trust no one, and allow no access unless correctly authenticated. You can be completely assured that the only users' accessing your systems through our firewalls are those that have been explicitly allowed.